World Tobacco Growers' Day


World Tobacco Growers' Day in Brazil

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World Tobacco Growers' Day in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria the World Tobacco Growers Day was celebrated for a second consecutive year.The National Association of the Tobacco Producers 2010 (NAT-2010) organized business meetings between trade companies and agricultural owners, which started on Oct 27th. Considering the forthcoming purchasing tobacco campaign for crops 2013 these meetings turned out to be the perfect reference point for the tobacco producers, as well as for the traders.

On Oct 28th, NAT addressed a Petition to the relevant institutions in Republic of Bulgaria, authorities and departments as the Prime Minister Mr Plamen Oresharski, the Head of the Prime Minister's cabinet Ms Raya Petkova, the Minister of Agriculture Prof. Dimitar Grekov and the Deputy Minister of Agriculture Mr Byurhan Abazov. On this same celebration organized by NAT-2010, over 200 delegates and coordinators of the association of the whole country, were present from the four main tobacco varieties cultivated in Bulgaria: Basmi, Kaba Kulak, Burley and Virginia. The World Day of the Tobacco Producers was honored by the Chairman of the Academy for Agriculture Associate Professor Doctor Hristo Bozukov, the Director of the Tobacco and Tobacco Products Institute Associate Professor Doctor Stefka Kirkova, municipal mayors, trade companies, as well as many national and regional media.

For all of them there was a barbecue, advertising materials and t-shirts with a title: World Day of the Tobacco Producers, October 28th. In the program they had folklore dances and songs. And the celebration was culminated with two events - a photo shoot of all invitees and a cocktail - lunch. With the mediation of NAT-2010, the Bulgarian National Tv channel visited little family farms of tobacco producers.

Dozens of interviews were made; many opinions were taken into consideration. At the end, all of us joined around the same idea: The tobacco alternative in Bulgaria, Europe and the world is one - TOBACCO!

In these two days (27-28.10.2013) NAT-2010 gave start to one charity campaign. In the municipalities and villages where events were held, the Association of the Tobacco Producers of the Republic of Bulgaria offered balls to the schools. The idea was accepted positively and is one to be carried out in the future.

On the following days a petition was handed to the Minister of food and agriculture, Professor Dimitar Grekov who claimed: 'Tobacco producers have to search for the sector's future in long term plan from all political groups represented in the National Assembly'. 

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World Tobacco Growers' Day in Colombia

In Colombia a petition was handed by the Colombian Federation of Tobacco (FEDETABACO) to the Ministry of Agriculture, asking for support and promoting the defence of tobacco farmers and workers. This petition was responded by the Vice-Minister of Agriculture, Mr Andrés Felipe García Azuero as it follows: 

With the occasion of the World Tobacco Growers Day, the Minister of Agriculture and rural Development, recognise and congratulates the more than 24000 families for making an effort since the colonization period to get their best possible tobacco crop. 

We recognise how tobacco growing has been linked for more than a century to the lives of the Colombian people in many ways. In Colombia, like in many other countries around the world, tobacco is an important employment and income provider. 

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, supports and defends the continuity of this activity and therefore, it will contribute with different means of policies at our reach, to guarantee the well being of the tobacco farmers. 

The country needs to rely on the support of the industries and FEDETABACO, to continue the important work and promotion with the assistance of appropriate political means, and the development of initiatives focused on the social responsibility and sustainability; this to say, the improvement of the means of leaving of the farmers.

Andres Felipe García Azuero
Vice-Minister of mixed farming issues 


 World Tobacco Growers' Day in Jujuy

Jujuy commemorated the World Tobacco Growers Day together with the traditional celebration of the Tobacco Day in the city of Monterrico. 3500 people participated on this celebration. Monterrico is the provincial capital of tobacco by decree where, in 1967 the Tobacco Chamber was also founded.

The event counted with the traditional election of Miss Tobacco. Only members of tobacco families can apply for this contest. The Vice-Governor of the province of Jujuy, Dr Guillerme Jenefes, crowned the Queen.

Provincial and national legislators also participated on the celebration of this day.

This way, Jujuy adopted for the first year the celebration of the World Tobacco Growers Day giving it a sense of community gathering.

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World Tobacco Growers' Day in Kentucky 

In Kentucky the House of the Representative of the commonwealth of Kentucky, recognised the celebration of World Tobacco Growers Day highlighting the vital role tobacco growers play in the world economy as well as their prominent role in agri-business economies of Kentucky and the United States of America. 


World Tobacco Growers' Day in Pilep (Macedonia) 

On 28th of October 2013 at the square of Alexandria in Prilep, for the first time, the World Tobacco Growers Day was celebrated. Many tobacco production regions came to show their products.

Mr Danco Mileski, President of the Federation of Tobacco Associations, stated that oriental tobacco, from the Republic of Macedonia, is demanded in the international markets. As a result, they sent an appeal to the state, asking to continue supporting the growers and opposed the proposals by the World Health Organization to reduce tobacco production.

In Macedonia there are around 250000 households from tobacco manufacturing and 42000 contracts are committed.

As part of the celebration, a contest was done to choose the best quality of tobacco among the producers

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World Tobacco Growers' Day in Harare, Zimbabwe

As tobacco farmers in Zimbabwe in conjunction with the Boka Growers Forum (BGF) we celebrated the World Tobacco Growers Day on 29 November 2013 at the Boka Tobacco Floor in Harare. The day also incorporated a visit to the BGF demo field site just outside the tobacco floor. The event was graced by the presidents of the all the tobacco unions, industry leaders, representatives of merchant companies, input and logistic suppliers and of course, over 800 growers. The event was also attended by the Health Advisor in the President's Office Dr. Timothy Stamps. 

Our Guest of Honour was the Honorable Minister of Agriculture, Mechanization and Irrigation Development Hon.Dr. J.M. Made represented by the Permanent   Secretary Eng. R. Chitsiko, who delivered the Minister's keynote speech. He highlighted the socio economic importance of tobacco to Zimbabwe, the growth of the tobacco industry, the importance of celebrating World Tobacco Growers Day and concerns over WHO FCTC issues directed at tobacco farmers.

After the speeches the Permanent Secretary accepted the Petition to the Government of Zimbabwe and signed by all the tobacco unions. 


  1. To recognize the socio-economic importance of tobacco farmers as individuals, to the development of the Republic of Zimbabwe and the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals. 
  2. To recognize and defend the right of any farmer to grow the crop of their choice which includes tobacco.
  3. To resist attempts by the World Health Organisation - Framework Convention on Tobacco Control to artificially reduce tobacco farmers production by imposing draconian regulations. 
  4. To call upon the World Health Organisation - Framework Convention on Tobacco Control to engage with tobacco farmers on all their policies. 
  5. To officially recognize October 28 of each year as World Tobacco Growers Day.

After all the speeches there was dancing and more presentations on the importance of tobacco farmers and the growing of compliant tobacco.

The day ended with a field tour of the tobacco demo plot outside the tobacco floor and spot prizes awarded to the many farmers that attended.

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