International Tobacco Growers Association (ITGA):
The_Tobacco_Growing_Sector_01.jpgThe Tobacco Growing Sector 

Tobacco growing is often presented in the media and by anti-tobacco activists in a way which is misleading or false. This briefing document is an attempt to counter incorrect information with facts about tobacco growing in respect of:

The environment; 

The health and safety of its workers;

Profitability, exploitative practices and child labour;

Food security;

This document is purely about the cultivation of tobacco growing and attempts to put the debate on the subject into its proper context. 

What is the ITGA?

A not-for-profit organisation representing the interests of more than 30 million tobacco growers world-wide through grower associations in 25 countries.

ITGA's policies and activities are developed and supported by tobacco growers through national grower-run organisations.

As in any supply chain, suppliers have an interaction with customers. Tobacco farmers have to sell their crop, leaf tobacco, to tobacco companies.

In order to represent the interests of its members effectively, ITGA has an on-going dialogue with tobacco companies and many of the issues dealt with in this briefing document could not be effectively tackled without collaboration between ITGA, tobacco companies and other stakeholders. For this reason ITGA has a supporter membership category, the details of which are publicly available on the ITGA web site. As supporter members, tobacco companies contribute funding to support ITGA in its activities, but the relationship is structured and clearly defined to ensure that ITGA retains its independence in the interests of its members. Working in this way is common to every type of trade association in every sector. ITGA is an open and transparent organisation. Full information about the ITGA, its structure, operations and policy positions on issues that affect growers is available at

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