Farmer's Voice

World Tobacco Growers protest against Plain Packaging

Madridis to host today and tomorrow the International Tobacco Growers' Association (ITGA) 30th Annual General Meeting, organized in collaboration with the Spanish Tobacco Interbranch Organization (OITAB) and the Spanish Tobacco Growers' Federation (FNCT).

The meeting, which brings together growers from 17 different countries - among themBrazil,India, theUSAandZimbabwe-, is to discuss the tobacco market situation, the restrictive regulations affecting the sector, and the emergence of e-cigarettes and other heat-not-burn tobacco products.

To Abrunhosa, "some measures, such as plain packaging, are too controversial to be taken lightly".

The chairman of the Spanish Tobacco Growers' Federation (FNCT), Manuel García, has noted that tobacco production has declined in recent years as a result of restrictive measures and governments' double standards.

"On the one hand, politicians won't publicly support tobacco because it doesn't win votes but, on the other, they will have to make the impossible to support our sector because tobacco generates huge revenues and also wealth in regions such as northern Extremadura, where farmers have no alternative crop."