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TISA Opposes Tobacco Products Control Act in Namibia

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Francois van der Merwe, chairperson of the Tobacco Institute of Southern Africa (TISA), criticized the Namibian government for adopting the Tobacco Products Control Act of 2010, which will ban smoking in public places effective July 1st, saying TISA and its members, representing tobacco growers, leaf merchants and processors, cigarette manufacturers and importers, and exporters of tobacco products, always advocate balanced and enforceable regulations.

The Namibian government should have adopted measures to heighten awareness about tobacco products, but "the Act and regulations go beyond what is necessary to educate the public about the risks of tobacco, instead introducing extreme measures which seek to ostracize smokers by preventing them from smoking indoors," Merwe said.

Public smoking bans hurt small businesses and the hospitality and tourism sectors, while limiting the intellectual property and trademark rights of manufacturers, Merwe said (Namibian 4/16).