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Philippines: Ilocos Tobacco Growers Sell 589,282.40 Kgs Of Flue-Cured Tobacco

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In the Philippines, tobacco growers in four Provinces in the Ilocos region sold589,282.40 kilogramsof flue-curedVirginiatobacco since the marketing season commenced in February, according to the National Tobacco Administration (NTA).  Floor prices of the variety increased year-year by 6 pesos (US$ 0.13) per kg across all grades, with the rate of high-grade leaf (AA) reaching 78 pesos (US$ 1.73) per kilogram. NTA Administrator Edgardo Zaragoza dismissed reports of low leaf prices offered by buyers, saying that growers do not have to worry about prices since "[t]he agency is providing arbitration on leaf . companies in the country in terms of revenues generated in 2012. The DOF report showed that only 39 of the top 100 corporations on the SEC list were on the BIR's list of 500 top taxpayers ( 3/20).