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Minister Vasil Grudev Opened the third International Forum of Oriental Tobacco Growers

Focus_News_Agency_2.jpg"Maintaining a dialogue with all branch organizations is a priority for the heads of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, and we are open for discussion on all subjects of interest to farmers". This is what the Minister of Agriculture and Food Vasil Grudev said in Plovdivwhen opening the Third International Forum of Oriental Tobacco Growers. Minister Vasil Grudev invited the associations of tobacco growers to a meeting next week, during which they will discuss a more fair distribution of financial aid for the sector, and the regulatory framework. He believes the currently applied reference date sends funds to companies no longer involved in tobacco growing.

Minister Grudev pointed out Bulgaria has the greatest variety of tobacco sorts grown in Europe. "Globally, our country has given its contribution to tobacco growing, and is renowned for its produce", said the Minister. In 60 years, Bulgaria has created and established 160 tobacco sorts, of which 130 are oriental, 17 are Virginia and 11 are Burley.

The international forum was attended by representatives fromGreece,Turkey,Macedonia, Kirghistan and Oman.

(Focus News Agency)