Farmer's Voice

Meeting in Bulgaria organized by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture to discuss priority issues on the tobacco agenda.

Meeting_in_Bulgaria_01.jpgThe meeting was attended by the Bulgarian Minister of Agriculture and food, Ms Desislava Taneva and the Commissioner for Agriculture and rural development for the European Union, Mr Phil Hogan.

Items on the agenda of the meeting covered all topical issues in the sector "Agriculture" of EU: Current Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) of EU; Agriculture; Russian embargo and other.

As a whole, for "National Association of tobacco - 2010 (NAT-2010), particularly effective was another meeting of tobacco growers  from Bulgaria with the Minister of Agriculture, Ms Desislava Taneva with Deputy. Minister of Agriculture Mr. Vasil Grudev with President of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture Mr. Rumen Hristov, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria, Ms Meglena Kuneva European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr Phil Hogan.

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