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Macedonia: Leaf Output To Decline In 2014

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Macedonia's leaf tobacco output is expected to decrease by 17% year-year in 2014, but growers remain optimistic of an opportunity to enter into purchase contracts as in 2013.  Vice Premier and Finance Minister Zoran Stavrevski attributed the "difficult situation" to an "outside problem," which he said has been resolved in favor of all parties concerned. Stavrevski said the number of leaf growers will remain unchanged at 24,500, and that farmers who cultivate tobacco for existential reasons, meaning those who produce a maximum of500 kilogramsof leaf each year, will be protected and "guaranteed product placement."  Stavrevski said growers have been divided into three groups based on their crop yield - up to500 kilograms, 500-1,000 kilogramsand 1,000-2,000 kilograms. Farmers in the first group will not have to decrease production, but those in the second and third groups would have to decrease it by up to 5% and 20%, respectively, he added (Onasa News Agency 3/21).