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Grudev: Subsidies for Tobacco Growers are unfair

There are drastic examples of unfairly received subsidies for tobacco growers, said the acting Minister of Agriculture and Food Vasil Grudev for journalists at the Oriental Tobacco Forum in Plovdiv. As an example he gave the large subsidies received for the reference period 2007-2009 by legal entities that are no longer operating. According to the Minister this system is unjust and the small farmers who are currently growing tobacco are deprived of financial support.

Next week, the Minister is initiating discussions with tobacco growers' organizations. He said he wants them together to review the situation with tobacco growing and build the basis for state support for the next year, depending on the different tobacco sorts.

Minister Grudev greeted the participants in the International Forum of Oriental Tobacco Growers in Plovdiv, who were from Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Turkey, Macedonia, Kirghistan and Oman.

In 60 years,Bulgaria has created and established 160 tobacco sorts, of which 83% are Oriental. Tobacco is grown on 250,000 decares in over 100 Bulgarian municipalities.

(Darik News)