Farmer's Voice

COP7 decisions were published last January 11th. Among some of the articles that relates directly to tobacco growers and production, article 17&18 seems to be stuck in a no-progress process as the FCTC itself recognize on this document.

Art. 17&18 (Economically sustainable alternatives to tobacco growing)
It is worth recalling, Dr Luiza Vera Costa e Silva, last words as part of the final COP7 Declaration. Her speech raised high expectations among the tobacco growing communities who saw on her words a change of direction in the way the FCTC Secretariat has been relating to Tobacco Growers and their Organizations. It is too soon to say so, but the content of the decisions on Art. 17&18 might prove that Mrs Costa e Silva's last speech, was again, nothing but window screening.

"Vera Luiza da Costa e Silva, head of the Convention Secretariat of WHO FCTC, said the intention was to help the tobacco growers by reaching out to them.
The Delhi Declaration, which has been submitted to the Convention, noted that "there is an urgent need to promote alternative livelihoods for tobacco growers and workers, tendu leaf growers and cigar leaf growers as a response to the expected gradual reduction in global tobacco consumption and promote regional and international cooperation for reaching this objective"

"We want to help the tobacco growers. The point is that the tobacco industries are using these farmers at the forefront for their own benefits. The tobacco industry is trying to mislead and generate a perception that the Convention is against the farmers but it is against tobacco industry. We want to help them by reaching out to them," Vera Luiza da Costa e Silva told reporters at the concluding ceremony of the meet.

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