Farmer's Voice


Favorable weather conditions made productivity soar by 28% from the previous year.  In the 2016/2017 growing season, until now, the crop is estimated to reach a total of 692,704 tons, with Flue-Cured Virginia occupying a prominent position in this estimate, with chances to amount to 604 thousand, or even 620 or 630 thousand tons, by virtue of the favorable weather conditions that made productivity soar by 28% from the previous year. Commercialization started in early January and has so far reached 51% of the estimated volume. Farm gate prices in this season are not pleasing the farmers. The companies have adopted strict criteria at their buying departments, thus jeopardizing farmers' profits. This stems from the fact that supply is outstripping demand, due to the high productivity rates of the crop, and the bigger planted area is a factor, too.