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Foto6.jpgAlready forecast by economists in the second term of 2013, the new record set by Brazilian tobacco exports was confirmed yesterday by data published by the Economics and Statistics Foundation (FEE). Tobacco, which is the backbone of Vale de Rio Pardo's economy, exceeded during 2013 every historical dataset compiled by the Foundation.

Tobacco was the third largest export product in Rio Grande do Sul during 2013, after the State's three oil platforms and soybean, with revenues of US$ 104.955 million. Although tobacco exports in terms of volume declined 2.1 percent, they showed a 7 percent increase in terms of value.

FEE economist Guilherme Riesgo believes the price increase might account for the volume decline, but it also helped to set off this decline. For the chairman of the Sectoral Tobacco Chamber, Romeu Schneider, the quality of the 2012/2013 tobacco crop explains beyond doubt the price increase in global markets. "This year we had some difficulties in a few regions, but last year the weather conditions during the plant development season were quite favorable", he said. This was not the case with the present crop though. 'We faced two difficult situation; initially, excess precipitation in the lower regions (Taquari, Rio Pardo and Jacuí valleys), where tobacco was planted earlier, hindering root formation and plant development, and affecting yield. Then, late in the season, scorching heat on the established plants", added Mr. Schneider.