Farmer's Voice


The Association of Tobacco Growers of Brazil (Afubra), established in the region of the Pardo River Valley, emerged from the initiative of farmers, seeking to heal a common need, sought to minimize the damage caused by hail in its tobacco fields. Then, the entity expanded its activities and constantly seeks improvements for farmers.

Stand out, among others:

  • The forest production with eucalyptus (wood), which is in favor of the maintenance of native forests;
  • Ecological awareness - promoted among public and private school students - through the Green Project is Life;
  • The collection of agrochemical packages in rural areas;
  • The promotion of the campaign to eradicate child labor, through the Growing Legal Institute;
  • And the incentive to crops parallel to tobacco, a clear demonstration of the entity's concern with monoculture in the region.

For many years, the organization develops, through the Agroforestry department, technical work that promote complementary revenue on the properties of tobacco growers. These activities include the production of maize, fruit and vegetables, animal husbandry, reforestation practice, the development of several experiments in forestry and agriculture, by promoting technical meetings and field days, among others.

This work is very important not only for the region but for the whole southern Brazil. And it was with the purpose of diffuse these works and spreading the technologies available to the rural producer that Afubra, with the support of several entities and companies, decided to promote the EXPOAGRO AFUBRA, an agricultural exhibition whose purpose is to show the potential of our region and present proposals for technologies, products and services.