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News - 29/02/2016

China Market updates

China exported 91,822 MT of leaf tobacco worth US$ 411.138 million in January-November 2015, up 13.3% in terms of volume and 4.9% in terms of value from the corresponding period of 2014...

News - 29/02/2016

No plans to phase out tobacco cultivation in Zambia according to the Minister

In response to calls from anti-tobacco groups to phase out tobacco cultivation in line with the WHO's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control...

News - 29/02/2016

TIMB Chief in Zimbabwe Says Tough Anti-Tobacco Rules Hurt Farmers’ Livelihood

At a January 20th workshop on the World Health Organization's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, Andrew Matibiri, chief executive officer of the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) of Zimbabwe, said...

News - 29/02/2016

Time to Change the Conversation

It feels like the growers have the same conversation every year when it comes to the tobacco market. Will the industry survive with the decrease in cigarette consumption? It is an important question to discuss, but also an increasingly tedious one in light of the fact that everyone except the farmer appears to be thriving in today's market.

News - 29/02/2016

Lack of Clarity Abounds as Tobacco Products Directive Deadline Looms

With time ticking down to the 20th May 2016, official implementation date of the 2nd EU Tobacco Products Directive, progress at a member state level has been and remains sluggish.

News - 29/02/2016

SEKE and tobacco growing in Greece: Let's talk about tobacco, let's talk about history, let ’ s talk about tradition

During the Oriental meeting held by the ITGA together with the Governor of the province of Eastern Macedonia - Thracia, in Komotini, Greece, in September 2015, we were pleased and honoured to be received by our Greek member SEKE at their facilities in Xhanti. 

News - 29/01/2016

Sustainability without tobacco?

Niall Ferguson, in his book 'Empire', defends reasonably well the idea that the the economic evolution of England first and the United States afterwards, were due to their main Institutions, especially those allowing for the representation of conflicting interest like Parlamient and those defending the rights of individuals, including property.