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News - 21/08/2012

Demonising tobacco farming is wrong

A REPORT in the Pretoria News, Mercury, The Star and various online news sources ("Report reveals 'horror' of tobacco farming", by Wilma Stassen) displays a misunderstanding of agriculture and the important role investment plays in alleviating rural poverty.

News - 15/08/2012

Farmers need support for future

Maputo, Wednesday 15 August 2012 -As the Southern African Development Community (SADC) holds its 32nd annual meeting, African farmers are nervous about the threat of Articles 17 and 18 of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC).

News - 06/08/2012

African farmers could be held back

The focus of the 19th African Union summit last week in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, was intra-African trade. This should have been good news for the agricultural sector-except African tobacco growers are under attack from a United Nations initiative which, if successful, may scupper the hopes of millions of farmers.

News - 23/07/2012

30 millions of tobacco farmers dismissed by the FCTC Interview by ITGA Africa Chairman to Africa Financial Mail

Having failed to reduce the demand for tobacco, the World Health Organisation is directing its attack at "the soft underbelly" of the industry - the chairman of the Africa region of the International Tobacco Growers' Association.

News - 23/07/2012

Farmers can not rely on Promises

THE World Health Organisation's Framework Convention for Tobacco Control (FCTC) will always claim the moral high ground on tobacco related issues. The argument, justifiably, is that tobacco consumption damages human health. And so it does - indisputably. The logical correlation between public health and the FCTC's recent calls to phase out tobacco farming, however, is hard to grasp.

News - 17/07/2012

Farmers must not be excluded (Nation Newspaper)

Dr Bruce Munthali is the chief executive officer of the Tobacco Control Commission of Malawi and member of ITGA. According to his interview 'FARMERS MUST NOT BE EXCLUDED'

Video - 03/07/2012

Interview with the President of ITGA (International Tobacco Grower Association) at the Africa Regional Meeting in Lusaka, Zambia.

Interview with the President of the International Tobacco Growers Association (ITGA) while he was attending there ITGA Africa Region annual meeting in Lusaka, Zambia in May 2012

Video - 02/07/2012

Joseph Wanguhu

Kenya Tobacco Farmers Association CEO