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News - 14/11/2012

CNN Africa: Tobacco Industry Under Threat?

CNN's story includes interviews with various growers in Malawi, Francois van der Merwe, and heads of the Malawi Agriculture Minister who outline their objections to the FCTC's recommendations and the economic realities of tobacco growing in the region. 

News - 10/11/2012

Smoking is healthy for Africa

Africa has sadly often been a continent of civil war, disease, famine, and corruption for decades, especially post colonialism.  However there is one bright spot on the African agriculture, the cultivation of tobacco. About 30 million Africans out of a continent of 800 million are reliant on it for their living. As you can guess someone wants to interfere.  The bully in this case is the World Health Organization (WHO).

News - 26/10/2012

Tobacco farming - the growers' view

New proposals from the World Health Organisation's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control to regulate international tobacco farming have raised concerns among Africa's tobacco growers and processors. Francois van der Merwe, chairperson of the International Tobacco Growers' Association: Africa and CEO of the Tobacco Institute of Southern Africa, provides an alternative perspective.

Video - 05/09/2012

Antonio Abrunhosa gives an interview to sky news

"Growers don't question any measure taken by the health community to reduce consumption (...) tobacco is legal, the growers just supply the demand that is out there...

News - 04/09/2012

PERSONAL VIEW POINT: Helping Zambia grow

ZAMBIA'S farmers need to be allowed to get on with what they do best - farming, without unnecessary and impractical interference from outside bodies determined to see Africa as a "perpetual aid destination".

News - 02/09/2012

Tobacco Growing will not be OVER

The Minister of Agriculture, Juan Camilo Restrepo, stated that the government has not considered any alternative crops for areas of the country planted with tobacco. The official thus responded to Heliodoro Campos, Manager of the National Federation of Tobacco Growers (Fedetabaco) ...

News - 02/09/2012

Heliodoro Campos, chief executive of the colombian tobacco federation, shows his concerns about the sector and declares: “If we do not grow tobacco, other countries will do it"

Heliodoro Campos, Fedetabaco manager, talks about the sector's concern regarding the future of the business in the country due to the WHO's appeal to interfere with the tobacco industry.

News - 26/08/2012

Agreed by participants Americas Regional Meeting Declaration

We, the Participants of the International Tobacco Growers Association Americas
Regional Meeting:

  • Represent millions of farmers and workers in the tobacco sector and numerous farmers' communities and associations in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Equator, Guatemala and the United States of America. (...)