Farmer's Voice

News - 20/06/2013

Association created to reunite more than 650 tobacco growing municipalities in Brazil

Tobacco sector has reinforced its political base on this Saturday, June 15, in a meeting in Santa Cruz do Sul with mayors and representatives of tobacco growing municipalities from Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Paraná States. This initiative was taken by themayor of Santa Cruz do Sul, Telmo Kirst, in partnership with InterGState Union of Tobacco Industry (SindiTabaco) and the Association of Brazilian Tobacco Growers (Afubra), where leaderships of entities and companies involved  in  the  production  chain  of  the  three  Southern  States  attended  the  meeting  at  Bierhaus Restaurant G Oktoberfest Park, which resulted in the creation of the Association of Tobacco Growing Municipalities.

News - 09/05/2013

‘Tobacco sales: huge contributor to Malawi’s economy

Truth must be told whether one likes it or not. And those telling this truth must do so boldly and without fear or favour. The indisputable fact is that the Economic Recovery Programme is bearing fruit.

The country has adequate stocks of fuel; forex is available; companies are operating at full capacity. Now add to this list the fact that the kwacha is firming while headline inflation is on the downward spiral.

News - 11/04/2013

Afubra Press release: Law creating State Tobacco Producer's Day sanctioned

The Law which sets October 28 as State Tobacco Producer Day was sanctioned today, the 5th, by State Governor Tarso Genro. The ceremony  took place at the offices of the Brazilian Tobacco Growers' Association (Afubra) in Santa Cruz do Sul. Law 14, 208 was enacted by the Legislative Assembly on March 6. The sanction will allow for regulation and government promotion of activities associated with date, withthe government acting on its  own or alongside industry organizations.

News - 10/04/2013

Tanzania: Tobacco Firm Donates 5.3 Million Textbooks to Urambo School

SECONDARY schools in Urambo District, Tabora Region face a serious shortage of science teachers, the Urambo District Education Officer Grace Monge has said. She gave the remarks at the hand-over ceremony of 860 books worth 5.3m/- to Urambo-based Usisya secondary school donated by Tanzania Leaf Tobacco Company (TLTC).

News - 16/11/2012

Tobacco Farmers Applaud Governments for Reconsidering Growing Regulations

Millions of tobacco growers around the world made the following statements in response to the decision from the World Health Organization's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) to defer approval of recommendations to regulate tobacco growing until the sixth Conference of the Parties (COP6) in 2014

News - 14/11/2012

CNN Africa: Tobacco Industry Under Threat?

CNN's story includes interviews with various growers in Malawi, Francois van der Merwe, and heads of the Malawi Agriculture Minister who outline their objections to the FCTC's recommendations and the economic realities of tobacco growing in the region. 

News - 10/11/2012

Smoking is healthy for Africa

Africa has sadly often been a continent of civil war, disease, famine, and corruption for decades, especially post colonialism.  However there is one bright spot on the African agriculture, the cultivation of tobacco. About 30 million Africans out of a continent of 800 million are reliant on it for their living. As you can guess someone wants to interfere.  The bully in this case is the World Health Organization (WHO).

News - 26/10/2012

Tobacco farming - the growers' view

New proposals from the World Health Organisation's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control to regulate international tobacco farming have raised concerns among Africa's tobacco growers and processors. Francois van der Merwe, chairperson of the International Tobacco Growers' Association: Africa and CEO of the Tobacco Institute of Southern Africa, provides an alternative perspective.