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News - 02/04/2014

Tanzania: Official Calls For Measures To Promote Cooperative Societies

Dr. Rajab Rutengwe, regional commissioner ofKatavi,Tanzania, called for measures to promote cooperative societies and unions across the country since Rutengwe believes that they are instrumental in reducing poverty in the nation.

News - 01/04/2014

Zimbabwe: Country Exports 15.3 Million Kg Of Flue-Cured Leaf So Far

Data from the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board of Zimbabwe showed that so far in 2014 Zimbabwe exported 15.3 million kgs of flue-cured leaf worth US$ 55.9 million at an average price of US$ 3.65 per kg, compared with 23.2 million kgs worth US$ 88.6 million exported at US$ 3.82 per kg in the same period in 2013, with China continuing to be the leading buyer.

News - 01/04/2014

Malawi: Farmers Sell 5.1 Million Kgs In First Week Of Auctions

In Malawi, farmers sold a total of 5.1 million kgs of leaf tobacco worth US$ 5.8 million at an average price of US$ 1.14 per kg in the first week of the 2014 marketing season, which began March 24th, according to data from Auction Holdings Limited.

News - 28/03/2014

China: Leaf Exports Increase In January 2014

China exported 5,420 tons of leaf worth US$ 23.553 million in January 2014, up 20.1% in terms of volume and 24.2% in terms of value from January 2013, according to figures released by the General Administrations of Customs.

News - 27/03/2014

China: Country Seventh Largest Cigar Market In World

China's cigar market registered the highest growth in recent years and is now the seventh largest in the world, withShanghaiconsuming almost 50% of the cigars imported fromCubaand theDominican Republicin2013. In2008-12, the output of Chinese cigars more than doubled to 326 million pieces.

News - 25/03/2014

Citi Research Releases Fourth Annual Global Cigarette Report

The Fourth Annual Global Cigarette Report released on March 25th by Citi Research, which provides a detailed, multi-year analysis of the ~US$ 800 billion global cigarette market, based on data compiled from a multitude of company and industry reports and the estimates of Citi Research's team of global tobacco analysts, showed that in 2013, global cigarette volumes...

News - 24/03/2014

Malawi: Govt. In Talks With Cigarette Manufacturers To Open Facilities In Country

Opening the 2014 tobacco marketing season on March 24th at the Kanengo auction floor in Lilongwe, Malawi, President Joyce Banda said the government is negotiating with some cigarette manufacturers to open facilities in the country, a move that could raise the demand for the country's tobacco.  Banda urged farmers to improve their output to meet the expected increase in demand and diversify crop production to maximize profits.

News - 21/03/2014

Dominican Republic: Leaf Tobacco Exports Totaled US$ 600 Million In 2013

Leaf tobacco exports in theDominican Republictotaled US$ 600 million in 2013, according to data released by the Tobacco Institute.