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News - 10/06/2014

Indonesia: Cigar Production On The Rise In Jember

In Jember, Indonesia, which has been producing the high-quality Besuki Na-Oogst, a kind of dark air-cured tobacco used for making cigars, since the Dutch colonial era, cigar production is on the increase, in line with the growth of the country's middle class, with the export market for the products remaining wide open,Tempo Interactivereported.

News - 10/06/2014

Zimbabwe: Growers Sell 185 Million Kgs

Statistics released by the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) of Zimbabwe showed that growers sold the 2014 target of 185 million kg of leaf worth US$ 588.6 million as of June 9th, up from 140.4 million kg of leaf worth US$ 520 million sold in the same period last year, with potential for total sales to surpass 200 million kgs before the marketing season ends.

News - 06/06/2014

Zimbabwe: Mashonaland West Province To Get WWF Grant To Prevent Deforestation

The Mashonaland West Provincein Zimbabwe is expected to receive a three-year US$ 600,000 grant from the World Wide Fund to curb deforestation and environmental degradation caused by tobacco growers who use wood to cure their crop.  Dr Enos Shumba, country director of WWF, said the agency decided to focus on the Province since it was losing large tracts of forests due to leaf curing activities.

News - 29/05/2014

China: Country Exports 6,363 Tons Of Leaf Worth US$ 29.513 Million In March

China exported 6,363 tons of leaf tobacco worth US$ 29.513 million in March 2014, compared to 8,224 tons valued at 33.882 million exported in March 2013, according to figures released by the General Administrations of Customs. The country exported 14,115 tons of tobacco worth US$ 64.747 million in January-March 2014, down 12.4% in volume and 2.4% in value from like 2013 (Xinhua 5/29).

News - 13/05/2014

ITGA America Regional Meeting May 13th 2014 / Santa Cruz do Sul / Brazil

ITGA celebrated the Americas Regional Meeting, last May 13th in Santa Cruz do Sul Brazil. The tobacco association of Brazil, Afubra, hosted again a very successful meeting where representatives from Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and US gathered and discussed the actual market situation in their regions.

News - 13/05/2014

Tobacco Exports Drive Trade Volumes Between China And Zimbabwe

Han Bing, outgoing economic and commercial counselor at the Chinese Embassy in Harare, said May 12th that trade volumes between Zimbabwe and China rose from US$ 562 million in 2010 to US$ 1.1 billion in 2013, primarily driven by Zimbabwe's tobacco exports to China. Bing said Chinese investments in Zimbabwe totaled more than US$ 600 million in 2013, up from US$ 33.8 million in 2010 and US$ 460 million in 2011 (Newsday Zimbabwe 5/13)


News - 12/05/2014

Tobacco Exports in India Up in FY14

India exported leaf tobacco and tobacco products worth Rs. 60.59 billion (US$ 1.02 bn) in FY14 that ended March 31st, up 22% from Rs. 49.79 billion (US$ 834.4 mn) exported in FY13, primarily driven by a strong dollar and higher global demand, although export volumes rose only marginally to 26.4 million tons in FY14 from 26.3 million tons a year ago.


News - 11/05/2014

Lifting Embargo On Cuba Could Be Game Change For Cigar Industry

Tampa Bay Online reports that if the US trade embargo on Cuba is lifted, it will be a game changer for the US cigar market, with industry experts saying the company poised to profit most from the legalization of Cuban cigar imports is Imperial Tobacco Group, the international partner of Cuban State-owned cigar company Habanos, which is expected to quickly introduce Cuban brands in the US and corner the market in the short term.