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Video - 04/07/2014

CCTV Interview to Francois van der Merwe

Farmers are concern that they are being excluded from deliberations

Note: interview starts at 13.06

News - 04/07/2014

Interview to Francois van der Merwe Tobacco Farmers want their voices heard

Representatives of tobacco growers across the continent have called on governments to include them in policy discussions that will have a direct impact on their lives. Francois van der Merwe, CEO of the Tobacco Institute of Southern Africa joins CNBC Africa to explain more... (CNBCAFRICA 04/07)

News - 02/07/2014

Africa economy: Tobacco Growers Appeal for inclusion in WHO meetings

HARARE, July 2 (Xinhua) -- A body representing more than 3 million tobacco growers in the world on Wednesday urged a World Health Organization (WHO)-initiated treaty to engage growers when it develop polices that will have huge impact on their livelihood....  (Global Post 2/7)

News - 02/07/2014

Tobacco Growers want say in decision-making processes

THE International Tobacco Growers Association (ITGA) says the World Health Organisation (WHO)'s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) should not exclude tobacco growers in key decisions-making processes as the body fights the proposed ban on the growing of the golden leaf...  (Newsday 2/7)

News - 16/06/2014

More Women Venturing Into Tobacco Cultivation Successfully in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe's tobacco fields, which until recently was dominated by male farmers, is witnessing an influx of females who are seeking to augment their income, with independent statistics from the Zimbabwe Association of Women Tobacco Farmers (ZAWTF) showing that 32% of the 85,006 farmers who registered to cultivate tobacco in the 2013-14 season were women, while the Tobacco Industry Marketing Board estimated that of the 110,000 small-scale tobacco farmers in the country, 39.5% are women.

News - 10/06/2014

Indonesia: Cigar Production On The Rise In Jember

In Jember, Indonesia, which has been producing the high-quality Besuki Na-Oogst, a kind of dark air-cured tobacco used for making cigars, since the Dutch colonial era, cigar production is on the increase, in line with the growth of the country's middle class, with the export market for the products remaining wide open,Tempo Interactivereported.

News - 10/06/2014

Zimbabwe: Growers Sell 185 Million Kgs

Statistics released by the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) of Zimbabwe showed that growers sold the 2014 target of 185 million kg of leaf worth US$ 588.6 million as of June 9th, up from 140.4 million kg of leaf worth US$ 520 million sold in the same period last year, with potential for total sales to surpass 200 million kgs before the marketing season ends.

News - 06/06/2014

Zimbabwe: Mashonaland West Province To Get WWF Grant To Prevent Deforestation

The Mashonaland West Provincein Zimbabwe is expected to receive a three-year US$ 600,000 grant from the World Wide Fund to curb deforestation and environmental degradation caused by tobacco growers who use wood to cure their crop.  Dr Enos Shumba, country director of WWF, said the agency decided to focus on the Province since it was losing large tracts of forests due to leaf curing activities.