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News - 05/09/2014

Due to restrictions which ‘who’ tries to impose 200,000 Tobacco Growers may lose their livelihood

The livelihood of 200,000 Bulgarians is at risk due to the directives of the World Health Organization (WHO) to seek alternatives to tobacco growing. 400,000 people from the sector in Europeare also threatened. Worldwide, the restrictions would affect 30 million.

News - 04/09/2014

Phantom companies received huge subsidies without production

The Third world forum for oriental tobacco opened yesterday in Plovdiv. It includes growers from Bulgariaand is organized by the International Tobacco Growers Association. Representatives of the sector from all over Europewere present.

News - 04/09/2014

The State to Protect Tabacco Farmers

The State will protect the growers of oriental tobacco because it is the livelihood of 300 thousand. Bulgarians. This was announced in Plovdivby caretaker Agriculture Minister Vasil Grudev.

News - 04/09/2014

The livelihood of 200,000 Tobacco Growers at risk

Tobacco growers are preparing for protests if growing oriental tobacco is prohibited. This would leave 200,000 people without a living. Minister of Agriculture Vasil Grudev is calling an urgent meeting to discuss the size of state subsidies.

News - 04/09/2014

Grudev: Subsidies for Tobacco Growers are unfair

There are drastic examples of unfairly received subsidies for tobacco growers, said the acting Minister of Agriculture and Food Vasil Grudev for journalists at the Oriental Tobacco Forum in Plovdiv. As an example he gave the large subsidies received for the reference period 2007-2009 by legal entities that are no longer operating.

News - 04/09/2014

Bulgarian Tobacco Growers Association warns of risk of 200,000 Job losses

Bulgaria will use all means possible to fight against articles 17 and 18 of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, according to Asen Kyuchukov, Deputy Chair of the National Association of Tobacco Growers.

News - 04/09/2014

The Bulgarian Tobacco Association (NAT2010) met with the Agriculture Minister to reach a commitment for tobacco growers.

Representatives from the different Bulgarian tobacco Associations met with the Agricultural Minister, Mr Vasil Groudev, to follow up on issues related to the next Conference of the Parties (COP6) taking place next October in Moscow....

News - 04/09/2014

Bulgarian Oriental Tobacco Gorwers to stage peaceful Protest

Plovdiv. Oriental tobacco growers from all over the world, including Bulgaria, will go out on a peaceful protest on October 16. Their demand is to preserve its livelihood.