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News - 04/11/2014


CoP6 took place and Tobacco Growers were ready for it. Message from ITGA CEO, António Abrunhosa

News - 28/10/2014

800 tobacco farmers gather in Canoinhas

About 800 tobacco farmers gathered in Canoinhas (Brazil) to celebrate Tobacco Growers Day. It was an all-day event. State Secretary of Agriculture and Fisheries, Airton Spies said: "We are sure that tobacco's contribution extends through different links, generating jobs and income in the family farming segment'

News - 05/09/2014

Bulgarian Tobacco Growers to Receive State Payments Until 2020

Tsvetan Filev, President of the National Association of Tobacco Growers inBulgaria, said that during the Third International Forum of Oriental Tobacco Growers inPlovdiv, the agricultural minister Vasil Grudev promised that the state additional payments will be granted to Bulgarian tobacco growers by2020.

News - 05/09/2014

Tobacco Growers wish to be heard before the conference of the world health organization concerning tobacco in Moscow

Tobacco growers are requesting that governments hold official discussions with them after the World Health Organization (WHO) published plans to guarantee options for consultation concerning alternative crops to tobacco, which threaten subsidies....

News - 05/09/2014

Tobacco subsidies received by shell companies

The Third world forum for oriental tobacco opened yesterday in Plovdiv. It will include growers from Bulgaria and is organized by the International Tobacco Growers Association.

News - 05/09/2014

Tobacco Growers oppose alternatives

About 200,000 Bulgarian tobacco growers are threatened to be left without means of livelihood. If the requirements of the World Health Organization for substituting tobacco growing with alternative production are approved. 

News - 05/09/2014

Due to restrictions which ‘who’ tries to impose 200,000 Tobacco Growers may lose their livelihood

The livelihood of 200,000 Bulgarians is at risk due to the directives of the World Health Organization (WHO) to seek alternatives to tobacco growing. 400,000 people from the sector in Europeare also threatened. Worldwide, the restrictions would affect 30 million.

News - 04/09/2014

Phantom companies received huge subsidies without production

The Third world forum for oriental tobacco opened yesterday in Plovdiv. It includes growers from Bulgariaand is organized by the International Tobacco Growers Association. Representatives of the sector from all over Europewere present.