Farmer's Voice

News - 15/01/2015

A summary of the Nomura’s 2015 report on the tobacco global market.

In its 2015 global tobacco outlook report, Nomura said among other things that: 1) Industry volumes in the EU are not expected to improve significantly beyond current levels as continued improvement in unemployment is uncertain and next generation products could add to pressures;

News - 07/01/2015

The Tobacco Board in India Encourages Growers To Improve Yield, Quality Of Leaf

Dr. Koothati Gopal, chairman of the Tobacco Board of India, said the agency is encouraging growers to improve the yield and quality of leaf tobacco rather than expanding hectarage

News - 06/01/2015

United States expect 2014 to be higher on domestic tobacco production

The 2014 US tobacco-growing season was characterized by higher production for flue-cured tobacco, a modest increase for burley and a small increase for dark fire-cured and air-cured varieties

News - 05/01/2015

The tobacco marketing Season 2014-15 in Zambia, to be Restricted To Registered Growers

As part of efforts to regulate the cultivation and marketing of leaf tobacco, the Tobacco Board of Zambia said only registered growers can sell their leaf in the 2014-15 marketing season

News - 05/01/2015

China announces a change on the control of leaf prices

China's National Development and Reform Commission announced that it is eliminating price controls on more than 160 types of tobacco, meaning leaf procurement prices will now be market-determined.

News - 02/01/2015

In India, the Tobacco Board Fixes Crop Size Of 276 Million Kg For 2015 Season

The Tobacco Board of India, announced January 5th that the agency has fixed a crop size of 276 million kg for the 2015 season

News - 01/01/2015

China continuos its leading role as top leaf importer in Zimbabwe

China imported 22.3 million kgs of leaf tobacco worth US$ 187.6 million from Zimbabwe in 2014, reclaiming its position as the top importer from Belgium, which was the second largest importer

News - 17/12/2014

Bulgaria celebrated for third Consecutive year the Tobacco Growers Day

For the third consecutive year the Bulgarian association of tobacco growers celebrated the World Tobacco Growers Day initiating a meetings and seminars with farmers points of tobacco purchase.