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News - 26/03/2015

1.5% of tobacco earnings in Zimbabwe, will go to help Government on reforestation programs

Andrew Matibiri, chief executive of the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) inZimbabwe, said tobacco growers and buyers will have to pay 1.5% of their earnings each this year to help the government in its efforts to halt deforestation caused by the use of wood to cure leaf.

News - 26/03/2015

Malawi to implement Tobacco Act to improve conditions for growers

Malawi Agriculture Minister Allan Chiyembekeza said the government will soon table the Tobacco Act in Parliament to improve leaf prices and create "favorable conditions" for growers in the market. 

News - 26/03/2015

The government in Bulgaria is considering reallocatin National Payments for tobacco

Georgi Ralchev, an expert at the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture's State aid and regulations directorate, said the ministry agreed to consider reallocating national payments for tobacco during a meeting between its officials and representatives of leaf growers. 

News - 26/03/2015

Tobacco output in Philippines up in 2014

Latest figures released by the Philippine Statistics Authority showed that the country's leaf tobacco output rose by 14.3% to 61,420 MT in 2014, primarily attributed to financial and marketing assistance provided to the growers as well as attractive leaf prices.

News - 26/03/2015

United Kingdom experiencing a slow down in e-cig market

The Financial Times reports that the market for e-cigs is witnessing a slowdown in the UK, mirroring the trend in the US, largely due to rising competition from customizable vaporizers

News - 12/02/2015

Heat-not-Burn Launches Open a New Front for the Future of Tobacco

news_1.jpgOne of the central plotlines for the tobacco industry in 2015 will be the evolution of large manufacturer responses to the steadily increasing prevalence of e-cigarettes and their efforts to wrestle back control of the future incarnation of the cigarette. This week had the feeling of a watershed moment in that ongoing narrative as the potential silver bullet for tobacco manufacturers, heat-not-burn technology, took a further step into the minds and mouths of consumers with major announcements from Philip Morris International on its iQOS platform and Reynolds American on the launch of a specific heat-not-burn brand, Revo.

News - 02/02/2015

Unites States contracting expected to decline in 2015

Chris Bickers of Tobacco Farmer Newsletter writes that due to the unexpectedly high leaf production in 2014, with the US Department of Agriculture in January raising its total volume estimate for the 2014

News - 31/01/2015

Tanzanian Agriculture Minister, outlines economic importance of tobacco Sector

Responding to Tanzanian MP Rukia Kassim Ahmed's question on how the country was benefiting from tobacco farming, Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Food and Cooperatives Godfrey Zambi said that the sector contributed over 100 billion shillings (US$ 55.0 mn)