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News - 22/04/2015

Bulgaria celebrates a Forum to debate about the sustainability of Oriental tobacco

Tobacco The aim of the conference was to provide guidelines for stability and sustainable development of tobacco growing. Discussed were issues related to the responsibility of all departments, good agricultural practices, and financial tools to support the sector and development organizations branch and inter-branch level.

News - 22/04/2015

A Personal View on the Global Market for Premium Cigars

However you want to call it - puro (in Spain), cigar (in the Americas, generally), charuto (in Brazil), Habano (worldwide, after its designation of origin), tobacco, as it is really called in Cuba - it is merely a matter of semantics.

News - 22/04/2015

Macedonia sells its entire 2014 crop

Macedonian Agriculture Minister Mihail Cvetkov said 25,000 MT of leaf cultivated in the 2014 season has been sold at an average price of MKD 120 (US$ 2.13) per kg.

News - 22/04/2015

A Committee will study the impact of IPS in Malawi

In response to a petition filed by leaf growers in Malawi opposing the newly introduced Integrated Production System, which requires leaf tobacco to be sold only through the contract system...

News - 22/04/2015

Updates on Zimbabwe tobacco sales

In its weekly update, the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board of Zimbabwe said growers sold 7.3 million kg of leaf tobacco worth US$ 16.2 million at an average price of US$ 2.23 per kg as of March 20th...

News - 27/03/2015

Greece Could Raise A Billion Euro A Year If It Eliminates the Illicit Cigarette Trade

news_1.jpgBut that's the proverbial big 'if'. Last month, after often rancorous deliberations, the freshly elected government of Greece led by the left-wing Syriza party agreed terms with the Eurogroup on a four month extension of the country's €240 billion bailout programme. As part of the negotiating process, the Greeks submitted a document giving a number of assurances to Eurozone members summarised by the apparent pledge that the new government's tackling of Greece's 'humanitarian crisis' would have 'no negative fiscal effects'.

News - 26/03/2015

Latest news about Zimbabwe leaf sales, appoint better perspectives for the sector in this Country.

Statistics released by the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board of Zimbabwe showed that growers sold 3.6 million kg of leaf tobacco worth US$ 8.01 million at an average price of US$ 2.25 per kg in the first two weeks of the marketing season that began on March 4th, 

News - 26/03/2015

A study released in India shows how tobacco contributes to the weathyness in the areas where it is grown

As the Indian government considers implementing Articles 17 and 18 of the World Health Organization's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control