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News - 21/05/2015

Tobacoo Black Market hits new high: KPMG UK Report

Tax loss to government estimated at $1.35 billion

Consumption of illegal tobacco has reached record levels in Australia with a new report revealing increased activity from tobacco smugglers and unscrupulous traders as the cost of legal cigarettes continues to rise.

News - 21/05/2015

Russian cigarrete market is predicted to shrink sharply

The Russian cigarette market could decline by 8-12 percent to 289-277 billion this year, primarily driven by an increase in taxes and the weakening of the domestic economy, according to an ITAR-TASS story relayed by the TMA.

News - 21/05/2015

Numbers of growers in Zimbabwe increases from 5,000 to 90,000 in the last 15 years

Fifteen years after Zimbabwe's agriculture sector "collapsed" following President Robert Mugabe's land reform program that began in 2000, the tobacco sector is "booming" again, with growers producing about 218 million kg of leaf in the 2014 marketing season,...

News - 21/05/2015

Cigarrete performace drops in China in 1Q15

China's cigarette output totaled 13.33 million cases (666.5 billion pieces) in 1Q15, down 4.8% from 1Q14, while cigarette sales totaled 14.20 million cases (710 billion pieces),...

News - 21/05/2015

Plain Packaging infringe intellectual properties right

In an opinion brief submitted to the World Trade Organization, which is currently studying whether the December 2012 Australian plain packaging law violates WTO agreements,...

News - 21/05/2015

Cuba seeks to protect its trademark cigars in view of its future entry on the US market

With the recent warming of US-Cuban relations and the anticipation for Cuban cigars to enter the US market,...

News - 21/05/2015

WHO ‘needs deep and substantial change’, according to an independent panel of experts

An independent panel of experts who studied the World Health Organization's response to the Ebola crisis in West Africa in 2014 said in a May 11th report that "deep and substantial" change is needed at the agency as it is still unclear why it took months to respond to the outbreak when the first cases in rural Guinea became public in March 2014 followed by early warnings from May through July 2014,...

News - 22/04/2015

PMI Encouraged by iQOS’s Progress and To Launch Solaris Cig-a-Like in Spain

At the end of February, Chief Financial Officer of Philip Morris International, Jacek Olczak took the opportunity of the company's presentation to the Consumer Analyst Group of New York to provide an update on the progress in Italian and Japanese trial markets of what is emerging as the main plank of the company's vapour device strategy...