Farmer's Voice

News - 25/06/2015

The article published by the French magazine treats tobacco growers as being ignorant and almost illiterate people. Check ITGA’s answer to this article.

The newspaper you lead published on June 10th, a report on a tobacco growers demonstration in Indonesia, against proposals of the French Minister of Health for 'Plain Packaging' of cigarettes in France.

News - 23/06/2015

In twist, scientists join tobacco companies to fight cancer

Scientists who have devoted years developing medicines to cure disease are now working for tobacco companies to make e-cigarettes.

News - 23/06/2015

Europe suffers a drop in smoking according to a recent survey

A Eurobarometer survey of nearly 28,000 people from across the 28 European Union countries released recently showed that 26% of EU residents are current smokers, down from 28% in 2012.

News - 20/06/2015

Tobacco is smoking’ again in Zimbabwe

Noisy trolleys roll bales of tobacco on and off the auction floors in Harare, Zimbabwe's capital. Here they call it "green gold." Some of the country's estimated 100,000 small-scale tobacco farmers look on, hoping for profitable sales.

News - 20/06/2015

Tobacco growers in India seeking help from Government after drastic drops in sales

In Andhra Pradesh, India, where tobacco growers sold only about 32 million kg of leaf tobacco so far at an average price of Rs 110.61 (US$ 1.74) per kg, compared with 100 million kg sold at an average price of Rs 119 (US$ 1.87) per kg in the corresponding period of 2014, 

News - 18/06/2015

Smoking: the French neutral package could destroy an entire sector of the Indonesian economy

It's a bit the butterfly effect. How a French political decision entails serious economic consequences to the other side of the world, Indonesia, and pushed hundreds of farmers to manifest what Tuesday, June 9 at the Embassy of France in Jakarta.

News - 18/06/2015


Hundreds of Indonesian tobacco producers demonstrated on Tuesday in Jakarta to protest against the introduction of neutral cigarette packaging in France next year, citing "discrimination" against this "economically and symbolically significant" product for Indonesia.

News - 18/06/2015

Plain packaging of cigarettes: the French measure angered Indonesian manufacturers threatening to implement an anti-wine measures

INTERNATIONAL - The health measure Marisol Touraine is not liked anymore ... especially by the Indonesians.