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News - 29/10/2015

Madrid hosts the International Tobacco Growers' Association (ITGA) 30th Annual General Meeting

The ITGA Chief Executive Officer, Antonio Abrunhosa, stated at a press conference that plain packaging -currently applied in Australia only, although other countries are considering its implementation at present, including EU countries - would cause serious damages to the sector's value chain, whose last link is the tobacco grower.

News - 29/10/2015

"We ask European governments to listen to our sector and weigh the consequences"

"We are moving from a balanced regulation to one that goes beyond all reasonable limits", stressed Abrunhosa, who pointed out that these measures will have a negative impact on employment and fiscal revenues.

News - 29/10/2015

Madrid to host today and tomorrow the International Tobacco Growers' Association (ITGA) 30th Annual General Meeting

"Smuggling is on the rise in Europeand our borders are awfully porous and difficult to control", and therefore plain packaging is inviting increased illegal trade in tobacco.

News - 24/09/2015

Amalia Liatou, representing the Greek Minsitry of Agricultural

"Tobacco is a flagship product in Greece as it is closely connected with the history, culture and tradition of our country"

News - 31/08/2015

Indonesian Tobacco Control Narrative Appears Stalled But Movement Will Come

According to latest Euromonitor data, at 8%, the Indonesian cigarettes market recorded the strongest growth of our 80 directly researched markets in 2014 for a total size of 239 billion sticks.